Neon Spray Film – 2 pc Set

Be it for felt tip pens, shoe laces or disco lights – neon colours have been popular for years and continue to find their way into all the different areas of life. Our new NEON spray film makes spraying the most varied of materials both quick and easy. The potential uses are as varied as your ideas: a luminous snowboard in the snow, a BMX bike, or the matching helmet – there are no limits to your creativity. Turn your favourite toy into a real eye-catcher in an instant with an intensive burst of colour. The FOLIATEC NEON spray film develops a particularly intensive luminosity thanks to the primer provided. This also makes it the perfect choice as a signal colour for safety purposes. Like all spray films, it is easy to remove the NEON spray film from smooth surfaces again if you need to.

• Unique effect thanks to high luminosity
• Only use with the included base coat
• Very good opacity
• High-elastic
• Easy to handle
• Easy to remove
• For inside & outside
• Available in 3 colors

The set includes:
• 1 x 400 ml can SPRAY FILM
• 1 x 400 ml can BASE COAT
• Additional fan nozzle for broader and more even coverage when spraying large surfaces