Maintaining your car is a hard job, but it starts getting easy with Atockon’s auto care kit “X-Pert 60”. Now keeping your car looking new all the time will never be a problem.


Outstanding performance with latest Nano technology Xpert-60 will deliver a premium showroom finish - every time.

The 'Xperts' solution for professional car cleaning, detailing and restoration. Xpert-60 utilises the advanced chemical technologies to ensure speed, ease of use and exceptional final finish. Non-hazardous and safe to use, Xpert-60 products do not contain harsh chemicals or abrasives which can damage sensitive vehicle surfaces. Xpert-60 products have been specifically designed to offer professional standard of finish but be simple, quick and easy for anyone to use. From a quick clean and freshen-up to the comprehensive detailing and protection of cherished classic. Choosing Xpert-60 range is the ideal way to enhance and maintain the appearance of any vehicle.

Zirconite Paint Protection System - Developed by Europe’s leading innovator of specialist vehicle detailing products, supplied worldwide to the professional sector for over 20 years, is a unique blend of PTFE and acrylic resins, containing UV screens to lockout harmful atmospheric degradation, with year round the extremes of polar and desert climates. It ensures your vehicle paintwork stays in showroom condition, without the need for waxing, throughout your ownership. With an easy to follow aftercare program, the enhanced appearance of the Zirconite treatment delivers maximum re-sale value.

Zirconite Leather Protection System -The best part of owning a new car is often said to be that unmistakable ‘new car smell’. Nothing beats sitting behind the wheel of a new car, the fresh smelling leather interior, the feel of steering wheel and gear lever; the shine of the dashboard; and seats you can melt into. Now you can take control and protect your investment when specifying a leather interior with Zirconite Leather Shield. It even contains special UV filters to help protect and retain original leather colour by screening out damaging sunrays which fade leather.


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