The structured multi-layered GrafiWrap Deco-Effect films are the perfect means to give your vehicles, vehicle parts or other objects an exclusive character. GrafiWrap Deco-Effect films are the perfect tool for decorating your interior.

GrafiWrap Deco-Effect films are the ideal tool for interior designers to be creative.

Aside from car wraps, Grafiwrap offers a vast selection of interior decorative wraps to add visible style and character to your home or commercial venue. It is the most customizable & personable way to decorate your interiors, whether if be office or homes. Grafiwrap decorative wrapping films will apply a high-quality finish to moldings, furniture, cabinetry, doors, glass facades, partitions, ceilings, and walls making spaces come alive.

Discover our wide range of architectural finishes from metals to fabrics, from matt to brushed , amnd much more. To experience our full range of wrapping films, please visit our Showroom

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